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HERDIN Record #: 100731-20012703510071 Submitted: 27 January 2020 Modified: 27 January 2020

The Use of Modified Del Nido Cardioplegia Solution in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery in the Philippine Heart Center.

Jaysum Val   . Ligue,
Ronnie G. Cacas,
Jonathan L. Abuan

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Background: Cardioplegia is an integral and essential method of myocardial protection for patients of all ages requiring cardiac surgery in which the heart must be stopped. Upon the advent of cardiac surgery these cardioplegia solutions had an important role in myocardial
quiescence and protection. Thus the outcome of the CABG patients given the del Nido Cardioplegia was determined.
Methodology: A total of 22 patients which underwent Coronary artery bypass grafting using the Del Nido Cardioplegia solution were included in the study. We reviewed the different variables such as the Pre-operative data which comprised the age, gender, creatinine, LVEF (simpson's), comorbid condition, Functional class (NYHA). Intraoperatively, the pre-op, on-bypass, and post-bypass levels of the potassium, Calcium and Hematocrit were recorded, as well as the need for Defibrillation.
Results: Twenty two patients were included in the study, among which 19 were male which counts the majority and 3 were female. Majority were hypertensive at 86.4 %, followed by DM at 40.9% , stroke and COPD accounting for 4.6% each. The potassium and calcium levels preoperatively, on-bypass, and post bypass were within normal levels. The hemoconcentration was noted to be low during bypass and post-bypass with a mean hematocrit of 0.26 and 0.29 respectively and defibrillation was done among 2 patients.
Conclusion: There have been 22 patients included in the study, ages ranges from 42 to 67 years old which. Only a few patients required defibrillation. The electrolytes were maintained at a normal level which is important and reflective of myocardial preservation. All patients regardless of NYHA condition and comorbidities were all discharged.

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Research Report
January 1-December 31, 2016
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