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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17090411242120 Submitted: 04 September 2017 Modified: 04 September 2017

Common atrium and single ventricle associated with unusual heterotaxy syndrome: a rare complex congenital heart disease in a 19 year old Filipino patient.

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This is a case of 19-year-old female, Filipino patient, who was admitted for exertional dyspnea and cyanosis.

Nineteen years prior to admission, at four months old, patient was noted to have circumoral cyanosis during crying, poor oral intake, and was noted to have rapid breathing. At 5 months - 1 year old, patient had recurrent cough, with no associated with fever. Consult done in a local Health Center and a "murmur" was heard thus, was advised consult in our instititution.

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Research Project


The objective of this study is to report a rare case of a complex congenital heart disease, common atrium with a single ventricle in a 19-year-old Filipino patient.

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