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HERDIN Record #: NCR-RITM-12090510273812 Submitted: 05 September 2012 Modified: 30 May 2013

The Greater Manila dengue hemorrhagic fever epidemic of 1966.

In a case study of 408 clinically-diagnosed cases of hemorrhagic fever, from the 1966 Greater Manila epidemic, the largest record in the Philippines, 217 were confirmed as dengue infections, and 54 strains of dengue virus of three types were recovered. The disease affected mostly children aged 5 to 14 years , but adults were also significantly involved. Distribution was largely central-urban and outer-urban, with fewer cases in rural cases. Correlations of data for incidence and distribution of positive cases and strains of dengue virus isolated indicated that the epidemic extended from May to October , peaked in July and August, and was caused by dengue type 3. Dengue types 2 and 4 appeared to maintain a low endemic level throughout the period of study. There was no evidence that dengue type 1 or other arboviruses were involved. All cases of hemorrhagic fever with shock, except possibly two, had secondary antibody responses, but no other correlation of antibody response to severity of disease could be made.

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Journal Article, Original
Journal of the Philippine Medical Assocation
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June 1972
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