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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151104082332 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

Feasibility of a hospital-based production of intravenous fluids (IVF): Final Report.

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This project responds to the urgent call to develop and use local technologies to meet demands for intravenous fluids (IVF) specially among the indigent patients in PGH and two other selected government hospitals in Metro Manila.This project aims at developing our own technology using indigenous raw materials. It is envisioned, however, that the technology will be transferred to the private sector as soon as the intermediate step of technology refinement establishes clinical safety of product. (Author)

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Research Project


The study aims to 1) establish a small-scale, non-commercial IVF plant using locally produced raw materials; 2) conduct clinical trials to ensure that product has no adverse effect; 3) supply the IVF requirements of PGH and two other selected government hospitals in Metro Manila and 4) establish market for indigenous raw materials and finished products, thus, saving a foreign exchange.

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