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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151102081395 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

Establishment and maintenance of a gene bank for potential medicinal plants.

Rene Rafael C. Espino

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All varieties of plants reportedly medicinal that will be collected and identified will be planted in a gene bank for medicinal crops at the UPLB campus. The variety collection will be established in a systematic manner. All entries will be planted according to family groupings. Each entry will be properly labeled. Varietal evaluation will be done after two years when a considerable number of varieties shall be collected and propagated. Plant exchange with other medicinal crop collectors and institutions all over the world will be encouraged. Initial productive potential of all entries will be evaluated from those which other simultaneous studies have shown potential for medicinal use.

A total of 486 accessions of plants with purported medicinal uses are found in the gene bank. Lagundi and tsaang-gubat were propagated to provide planting materials for dispersal purposes. Rooted cuttings for the reestablishment of senessed annuals and dying accessions were establish.

Three experiments on propagation of Lagundi were conducted namely: effect of size of stem cuttings on survival of lagundi planted in plastic bag; effect of IBA (Indole butyric acid, 200 ppm.) on the survival of varying sizes of lagundi stem cuttings grown in mist bed; and effect of different media on the survival of basal stem cuttings of lagundi.

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Research Project


The study aims to: establish and maintain a systematic planting and collection of different species/varieties of medicinal crops; evaluate the initial productive potential of all entries in the collection; develop a guide for the identification of common medicinal crop; develop rapid and efficient propagation methods for different priority medicinal species; and propagate medicinal plants for research and dispersal purposes.

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