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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151102085482 Submitted: 15 August 2011

Design and testing of prototype x-ray equipment for rural health units/hospitals.

Samuel A. Molines

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Initially, a survey of current x-ray models comparing existing technologies and cost analyses will be conducted. A review of related literature will be done to determine the parameters and technical specifications of the prototype. This shall include the specifications of the DOH-Radiological Health Office, as the prototype should conform with existing regulations. A preliminary design in the form of block diagrams and modules will be drawn up. The design will be finalized after consultations with the cooperating agencies. An appropriate X-ray tube assembly will be acquired from abroad. After the acquisition of parts and components, the x-ray control, table assembly, tube support and related accessories will be constructed. Testing and calibration of the prototype will then follow. Calibration of the x-ray machine will require the use of a Dynalizer. While it can also be acquired from abroad at prices which range from P500,000 to P1 M the Institute has decided to fabricate it. This will cost ASTI approximately P30,000 only. This is a much lower price compared to its import cost. The completed prototype will be tested in a radiation-shielded room. For this purpose, the assistance of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, the Department of Health and Medical experts will be needed.

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Research Project
June 30, 1991-May 31, 1992
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