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Prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases in the Philippines, part II: recommendations for change.

Stephen Havas ,
Esperanza I. Cabral,
Ramon F. Abarquez Jr,
Daniel Tan,
Rody G. Sy,
Fernando Sanchez

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In 1996, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), in conjunction with the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) initiated the Philippine Adult Health Project. The ADB hired a team of domestic and international consultants to conduct assessments of the current state of prevention and control efforts for several major areas affecting the health of Filipino adults and to make recommendations for improvement. Part I of this article summarized key findings in the consultants report relating to cardiovascular diseases (CVD); Part II summarizes their recommendations to the ADB and the DOH
The report strongly recommends that steps be taken to address the current shortcomings in the Philippines in terms of available data, programmatic efforts, medical education, national policy issues, treatment guidelines and practices, and quality control of testing and screening services. Significant changes are recommended in these areas. Such changes could prevent a large amount of death and disability already occurring from CVD in the Philippines. These changes would also help to avert a future epidemic from these diseases in this country.

Publication Type
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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Cardiology
Publication Date
April-June 1997
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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library Box No. 44 Fulltext Print Format
1. Havas, S , Cabral, EI , Abarquez, RF , Sody, RG , Tan, D , Sanchez, F . "Prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases in the Philippines" Philippine Journal of Cardiology 24, 151-155, 1996